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So guess who marathoned the entire two seasons of Gravity Falls? -points at self- Over the last week I finally got around to watching the show. I had been hearing about it ever since it premiered but never felt like watching it. Until Bipper fanart starting clogging my dash. So in between school, homework, work, streaming AND my browser windows freezing I finally watched it.

I was not disappointed. MY favorite episodes are those of season 2, I love them all.

And if I hear one more person write off this show because it is Canadian animation, I’m gonna give them a nice big "Grunkle Stan" Left Hook into the teeth. And I think I got a crush on Grunkle Stan, eh can’t help liking the assholes with the heart of gold types. Sue Me.

Also modmad, I love you girl, I love The Property of Hate, I love how you draw, especially Gravity Falls. I would like to send, with love, a great, big, FUCK YOU for that alternative ending of “Sock Opera.” It was awesome but broke my heart. Thank you also to all the fanartists who rectified that ending as well.

Also was I the only one hoping to hear Dipper's voice actor act like Bill during Sock Opera... Anyone? ...just me?

Now without further ado, I shall wait till the next episode comes out.


Also BOOM -points down- new video for The Midnight Game, enjoy.

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